Reducing Wasted Fuel and Associated Costs

Here at Jayserv, we know only too well that an inefficient heating systems can be costly if they are not serviced or maintained regularly.

Powerflushing can help if your boiler cuts out on a regular basis, or if your pipes band or are noisy when the heating or water system is turned on and if your water fluctuates between hot and cold. Corrosion can also mean that your boiler, new or old, will not work properly as it tries to power an unstable heating system.

If you have cold spots in your radiators, the water when you bleed them is dirty, or if some of the radiators in your home are not working? or working intermittently? Then you may benefit from powerflushing. As registered installers, we know that when installing a new boiler on existing heating systems, it is important to have the system flushed as new boiler heat exchangers have smaller internal waterways and can become blocked. In addition to this, manufacturers will not honour the accompanying warranty if they believe the system was not cleaned when a new boiler was installed.

Whether you are having a new boiler installation, or wish to service your current heating system, it is important to have the whole system flushed. This is because, new boiler heat exchangers have smaller internal waterways and can become blocked. Also, older systems can collect grime and dirt that prevents the entire system from working properly. As sludge and grime collect over time in the pipes of your heating system, they can cause your boiler to waste fuel. Costing you more money whilst your home is still not warm enough is something that powerflushing can combat.

Professional Engineers, Expert Service

The dirt that can collect over time can mean that your boiler cannot power your heating system properly. When silt settles in the pipes, it can bring up the symptoms mentioned above and can cost your more as your boiler is trying to power a system that cannot function properly.

We know just how vital it is that your heating and water heating system works efficiently, yet we also understand that a functioning heating system can help to reduce fuel bills and keep your home warmed in the winter, with hot water in the summer that doesn’t fluctuate whilst you shower or bathe.

Up to a 20% Reduction In Energy Bills

Powerflushing takes your system to new levels again as it was when your heating system was first installed.  With our whole team being Worcester Bosch accredited, Gas Safe registered and compliant with all of the building and home improvement regulations that are in place we know how to maintain, install and service your system. Powerflushing is a powerful way to enhance your current system, and get a new boiler installation working as it should. Call us today to find out more about a quotation? Our friendly team work hard to ensure affordability and superior service.

Yearly maintenance contracts are available, please contact us for more information.

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